Monday, May 29, 2006

Reading motivation and academic performance

Just finishing the manual of reading and writing motivation questionnaire, I am thinking to write a paper on reading motivation and academic performance. It is now almost complete. In another analysis, I found that reading motivation is not related to IQ. IQ was assessed by CPM

Coloured Progressive Matrices
Printed in several colors, the Coloured Progressive Matrices is an "easy" level test that spreads the scores of the bottom 20 percent of the general population. It may be used with young children, mentally impaired adolescents, and the elderly.

The CPM includes the two easiest item sets from the Standard Progressive Matrices, plus a dozen additional items of similar difficulty. The CPM is administered individually, although most children aged 8 and older can take the test in small groups. Manual Section 2 contains summary and detailed U.S. percentile norms and data on the comparability between the Parallel and Classic versions of the test, as well as additional normative data. A new CPM Parallel version is also available.